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Fastest Dedicated Server Hosting in Australia

For the performance and reliability we provide our servers cannot be beaten. No one in Australia is able to put this much performance and reliability into a dedicated server
Smarter Hosting is a no-nonsense premium quality webhosting service provider. Our principal expertise is in delivering industry leading webhosting for Australian Businesses and Professionals that will Optimise Your Natural and Organic SEO Rankings.
benefits-tickUniquely hosted on FULL DEDICATED SERVERS and NOT in VPS's where limitations in CPU power and RAM resources are fundamentals of VPS container technology.
benefits-tickPowerful Dual Quad Core Xeon™ CPU's. This is the REAL Power of Your server.RAID Failover Hard Disk Arrays. cPanel™ plus Fantastico DeLuxe.
benefits-tickBeing hosted locally provides the fastest possible speeds. But super low latency is only one benefit, all servers are connected via 100MBPS uplinks - amongst the most powerful mainstream server hosting infrastructure available.

Uncompromising Support - For Those Who Are Serious!
All Smarter Hosting services are solidly backed by real person 24x7 friendly technical support either by phone or by our online contact form. Smarter Hosting uniquely understands the critical importance of support - of being here should you need us.
If something doesn't look right at 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning, you can lift the phone to speak with Smarter Hosting support - and yes, real Australians really in Australia will help you.
This is the level of support that any serious business owner needs from their hosting provider and its a level of support that Smarter Websites prides itself on.

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