I’m Peter B Butler. As the Founder and Director of Smarter Hosting and the Smarter Group I’m proud to say that I love, live and work here in WA.

Our catch cry is “Australian Hosting will get you Higher SEO Ranking Naturally and Organically”.

That’s why the “Smarter Hosting” service has been added to help further the success of our clients with the “Smarter Websites” stream and the power of the marketing with the “Smart Email” program.


There are “3 Keys to your Success”…

  •  the Right Website Platform
  •  the Right Lead Generation Systems
  •  the Right Email Marketing Program

Our first question to our clients is always this – “Out of 100 visitors to your website how many are you now able to market to?”

You can find out more about our

“Lead Generating SEO High Ranking Google God Favoured Money Making Websites” and our

“Cash Increasing Client Growing and Loving Email Marketing and Management Program” here.

You can read what some of our clients say about us, and the most recent client raves here, (you can even see some of them) it’s all good.


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