Latest WordPress version is 3.8.1 >> Which version is your site running?

WordPress 3.8.1 addresses 31 bugs in 3.8. Have you upgraded? Running an outdated WordPress version is an open invitation to  hackers ! Old version = Known Vulnerabilities AND Hackers can easily exploit known vulnerabilities You have been postponing your upgrade because you are afraid… •    your themes and plugins will not be compatible with the […]

How to End Your Fight with Google

We found this post written by Rebecca Price and thought it was helpful information.   Here’s the problem – Google left the door wide open and people took advantage. This led to great rankings, traffic and, more importantly, money in the bank. People started to rely on the majority, if not all traffic coming from […]

How to build backlinks if your website is not sexy

If your business is in an industry that’s not ‘sexy’, you might think that it is impossible to get backlinks to your website. Of course, it is much easier to get backlinks if there are a lot of blogs about your topic. With the right ideas, however, you can get backlinks to your website even […]

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